Brewstel Renovations

Hostel = Affordable Alternative to Hotels
+ Smaller Carbon Footprint

The Brewstel hostel is located in a historic building in downtown Elkins, WV. We renovated the 2nd floor to house our hostel. We used the principles of sustainable reuse and reclaim which are featured throughout the hostel. From using old barn wood in our cabin room to re-glazing the windows, every inch of our hostel features a thoughtful approach to sustainable living.


Part of our sustainability focus means that we try to reuse or reclaim what we can. The building that the Brewstel is being built in required a considerable amount of renovations.

Step 1 - Decide what to keep.

We decided that renovating the windows kept an authenticity to the building and, with the help of Duffy Hoffman, we were able to steam strip the casings.

Step 2 - Decide what not to keep.

The bathrooms, kitchen, many walls and old plaster had to go. We wanted to make sure that the Hostel is a comfortable, healthy and safe an environment as possible and there are just things that need flat-out discarding to meet that goal.

The Caboose Room

The Deck

The Women's Bath

The Men's Bath

Help with Raising the Barn

We've had a host of friends, family and people around town provide assistance, advice, use of facilities and training in order to help use reclaim and reuse much of the materials of our hostel.

  • Pops Powell—The Pops. Pops helped made several 5 hour trips just to help with building the deck, framing the walls, and bucking us up.

  • Mom Powell—The Moms. Where would anyone be without their mom. Mom Powell sewed curtains and nurtured, of course.

  • Dave Windel—The Man. Dave helped us with the most complicated plumbing and electric.